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Master X-Seed STE 

Strength-Enhancing Admixture

Master X-Seed STE is a patent-pending, strength enhancing admixture that improves both early and late-age strength development in concrete, while supporting sustainable construction. Master X-Seed STE   admixture is based on a unique technology that facilitates improved cement hydration, thus enhancing strength development. Master X-Seed STE  admixture will meet ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type S, Specific Performance, admixtures. The strength-enhancing property of Master X-Seed STE  admixture permits a reduction in the total cementitious materials content of a given concrete mixture while maintaining compressive strength development equivalent to that of reference concrete, with associated benefits in CO2 emissions reduction.


This unique product can double early strength performance and increase productivity in concrete production without affecting the other performance characteristics of the concrete. In particular, late strength development is not affected adversely. Particle Seeding Technology Master X-Seed STE  admixture is based on a  proprietary technology that ensures a stable suspension of synthetically-produced crystalline CSH nanoparticles. These particles act as active seeds in a concrete mixture to facilitate the growth of active crystals between cement particles. The unique technology of Master X-Seed STE  admixture provides an unmatched improvement of the hydration process in a concrete matrix which increase early-and late-age strength development compared to a reference untreated concrete mixture.

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