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MasterLife SF 3263 Series 

Silica fume mineral admixture in slurry form

MasterLife SF 3263 is silica fume mineral admixture in slurry form formulated to produce concrete with special performance qualities. It improves the hardened characteristics of concrete in two main ways: Firstly, MasterLife SF 3263 is a pozzolan which reacts chemically to increase the amount of calcium silicate hydrate gel formed, thus improving the strength and impermeability of the concrete. Secondly, MasterLife SF 3263 is an ultra-fine material that physically fills the voids between cement particles resulting in an extremely dense and impermeable concrete. MasterLife SF 3263 meets ASTM C1240 requirements.

The reduced permeability of concrete produced with MasterLife SF 3263 greatly limits the ingress of water, chlorides, sulphates and aggressive chemicals known for promoting reinforcing steel corrosion and other distress in the concrete. This makes MasterLife SF 3263 an ideal product for use in basement structures, parking decks, bridge decks, marine structures and any construction that requires the protection provided by impermeable concrete. It allows for design flexibility, resulting in reduced member size, increased span lengths and improves overall structural economics which strengthen concrete.

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