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MasterFiber 112

Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products

MasterFiber 112 is a fibre extruded from polyolefine polymers and formed into a embossed fibre that can be used in concrete mixes for both spray and cast in-situ applications. The inclusion of fibres in a concrete mix will contribute to improving the durability of concrete by increased crack propagation resistance and by its energy absorption characteristics. The fibres will disperse uniformly throughout the concrete mix and effectively act as an anchoring mechanism within the cement matrix thereby improving the toughness and ductility of the material.

MasterFiber 112 can maximize concrete service life by providing superior resistance to attack from damaging environmental elements such as water, chlorides and corrosive environments such as sewerage conduits and/or saline water. These unique fibers add superior bonding properties to the concrete matrix. The result is crack control and an extended service life of the concrete.

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