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MasterRoc SA 160 Series 

Alkali-free, liquid high-performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete

MasterRoc SA 160 is a high performance alkalifree set accelerator for sprayed concrete. It is a liquid admixture whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times. MasterRoc SA 160 are able to construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence​. It provide a good early strength development and continual early-age strength development and long-term strength and durability.

MasterRoc SA 160 recommended to uses in area such as temporary and permanent ground support in tunneling and mining operations ,slope stabilization and also suitable for the acceleration of cementitious grouts, such as annulus grout used in TBM tunneling, cement grout used in injections, and cellular concrete used in backfill operations.

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