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MasterFinish RL 211 Series 

Form Release Agent For Void-Free Surfaces

MasterFinish RL 211 form release agent offers a safe, cost-effective alternative to traditional oil-based release agents. This unique product, when applied to most forms and form liners, is formulated to enhance the appearance of precast, prestressed and cast-in-place concrete. MasterFinish RL 211 form release agent significantly reduces production cost through its efficiency, ease of use and its superb release capability.


MasterFinish RL 211 is suitable for use on all conventional formwork types such as steel, plastic, wood and resincoated formwork. However, if rubber-lined, silicone or polyurethane moulds are used a test of compatibility is mandatory. The suitability for paints and foams such as polystyrene must be checked in advance. If applied in the correct thin layer, the adhesion of subsequent coatings (e.g. plasters, paints) is not affected. 

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